Social Sciences
and Contemporary World

  • Size of issue (CPS): 11,0
  • ISSN (print): 0869-0499
  • Editor-in-Chief: D. Sc. (Economy), prof. S. D. Valentey
  • Founded in: 1976
  • Impact factor: 0,862
  • Subscription index (print): 70677
  • Periodicity of issues: 6


  • RSCI
  • RISC

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About this journal

Social Sciences and Contemporary World (ќбщественные науки и современность (ќЌ—) is the only academic inter-disciplinary publication in Russia. It marked its 40th anniversary in 2016.

The journal lends its pages to articles on political science and law, economics and sociology, philosophy and history, culture studies and psychology. Preference is given to studies at the interface of various disciplines, including humanities and natural sciences

The second issue (2018) of this journal is forthcoming


SOCIETY AND REFORMS_________________________________________

Aliev M., Lapin N. Innovative systems in the regions of Russia and their development. Pp. 5Ц21

Avraamova E. Middle class: world trends and Russian reality. Pp. 22Ц33

Tambovtsev V. Is an economic inequality in Russia a social problem? Pp. 34Ц40

Popov K. Network forums as a tool of self-organization of local communities. Pp. 41Ц48


CIVIC SOCIETY AND RULE-OF-LAW STATE_______________________

Medushevsky A. Post-soviet political regimes: developing trends in the light of current amendments wave. Pp. 49Ц66