Social Sciences, ISSUE 1, 2015

Editor-in-Chief: Main redactor

Foundation: 1976

Impact Factor: 0,862

ISSN (Print): 0869-0499


The Structure of the Field of Economic Knowledge: Possibilities and Limits of Public Debate

Orekhovskiy P.

P. 5-23 MORE

Talents and Admirers: the Boundary between Academic and Public Science

Savelieva I.

P. 24-36 MORE

Capitalism and Socialism as Myth and Legend

Levinson A.

P. 37-51 MORE

Dreams of Russians about the Society and about Themselves: is it Possible to Talk about the Special Russian Civilization Project?

Tikhonova N.

P. 52-63 MORE

Social liberalism: an Analysis of the Position of the Austrian School

Zaostrovtsev A.

P. 64-74 MORE

Geopolitics as the Phantom of False Consciousness

Obolonskiy A.

P. 75-82 MORE

Who is to be Blamed: Nature or Institutions? (On Geographic Factor in History of Russia). Article 2.

Mironov B.

P. 83–99 MORE

Bolshevism: Difficult Way to the Solution of the Phenomenon

Feldman M.

P. 100–107 MORE

The Statute of the Russian Orthodox Church: is it Acceptable to Identify the ROC and the OCR?

Babkin M.

P. 108-114 MORE

Institutions in Sociology, Political Science and Law: the View of an Economist

Tambovtsev A.

P. 115-126 MORE

Business Objectives: Formation and Development

Prigozhin A.

P. 127-138 MORE

Specialization of Civilizations and the Attractors of World Development

Andreyev A.

P. 139-147 MORE

In Search of the Receding Spaces: Historical Geography and Ontological Models of Imagination

Zamyatin D.

P. 148–161 MORE

The language Foundation of Russian Civilization

Leksin V.

P. 162-176 MORE