Social Sciences, ISSUE 2, 2015


Foundation: 1976

Impact Factor: 0,862

ISSN (Print): 0869-0499


Incentives in the Public Administration and Economic Growth: Experience of Soviet Union, China and Russia

Yakovlev A.

P. 5-19 MORE

The Political Economy of Rent and Russia: is There a Cure for the “Dutch Disease"?

Birukov S.

P. 20-30 MORE

Non-formal "Rules of Game" in Education: Simulation Activities, Simulacra and Knowledge Brokers

Latov J., Kliucharev G.

P. 31-42 MORE

The Concept of Social Liberalism on the ‘Market of Ideas’ of Contemporary Russia

Melnik D.

P. 43-53 MORE

Imperial Nationalism: Emergence, Evolution and Political Prospects in Russia

Pain E.

P. 54-71 MORE

From Compatriot to “Stranger”: the Image of the Migrant in the Perception of the Residents of Moscow (on the Results of Focus-group Discussions)

Galyapina V.

P. 72-83 MORE

Project of "Cognitive History": Archeology and Ecology of Ideas (Reflections over the New Publication of Works of O. Medushevskaya)

Ionov I.

P. 84-95 MORE

Debatable Problems of Agrarian Evolution of Post-reform European Russia

Ostrovskiy A.

P. 96-111 MORE

After the Demographic Transition: Divergence, Convergence or Diversity?

Vishnevskiy A.

P. 112-129 MORE

Three Ways of Knowledge

Balatsky E.

P. 130-144 MORE

The Theory of the Firm in Optics of Socio-economic Progress

Deryabina M.

P. 145-156 MORE

Mechanisms of Development and Conflicts in XXI Century

Dubovsky S.

P. 157-165 MORE

Not to Lose in the "Bermuda Triangle"

Koval T.

P. 166-170 MORE

Chinese and Russian Social Advertising

Yan Ke, Nikolaishvili G.

P. 171-176 MORE