Social Sciences, ISSUE 3, 2015


Foundation: 1976

Impact Factor: 0,862

ISSN (Print): 0869-0499


The future of Universities: Article 1. Global Trends

Klyachko T., Mau V.

P. 5-18 MORE

Russians' Life Satisfaction: Dynamics and Factors

Tikhonova N.

P. 19-33 MORE

Constitutional Economics and Private Property Safeguard

Zhavoronkov S., Yanovskiy K.

P. 34-46 MORE

The Impact of Cultural Diversity on Social Capital in the Russian Context

Tatarko A., Mironova A., Chuvashov S.

P. 47-62 MORE

Crisis and Corruption: a Flammable Mix

Kleiner V.

P. 63-77 MORE

Anticorruption Policies in the Spaces of Social Exclusion

Pankevich N.

P. 78-89 MORE

Historical Retrospection of Corruption: Specified and Supplemented

Nisnevich Yu.

P. 90-100 MORE

Is There Any Request for Social Liberalism in the Modern Russian Society?

Avraamova E.

P. 101-113 MORE

Modern Problems of Historical Knowledge of the Russian Civilization

Morozov N.

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Geography of the Banking Sector in the US and Russia: Parallels and Differences (1980 - Early 2010-ies.)

Nikitin L.

P. 128-140 MORE

The Interaction between Religiosity and Social Conservatism: Russia and Europe

Kul'kova A.

P. 141-154 MORE

Intangible Assets: to Capitalize!

Prigozhin A.

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The Aesthetical Imperative of the Contemporary Intermedial Text

Kaida L.

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