Social Sciences, ISSUE 4, 2015


Foundation: 1976

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ISSN (Print): 0869-0499


The Future of Universities: Article 2. Trends in Russia

Klyachko T., Mau V.

P. 5-25 MORE

Conservative Trend in Modern Russian Society - the Origins, Contents and Prospects

Byzov L.

P. 26-40 MORE

From Social Liberalism towards the Philosophy of Collaboration

Polterovich V.

P. 41-64 MORE

Ethic in the Public Policy as a Factor for Socio-cultural Changes

Obolonsky A.

P. 65-82 MORE

The Ruling Class Ethics as a Source of State Strategies

Solovyev A.

P. 83-96 MORE

Violence, Political Resource and “Power Markets”

Levin S., Kislitsyn D.

P. 97-110 MORE

Political Beliefs of a Personality

Pushkareva G.

P. 111-120 MORE

The Myth of Paris Commune and the Creation of Soviet State (Toward the Rethinking of RSFSR Constitution of 1918)

Medushevsky A.

P. 121-140 MORE

The Ways of Ukraine and Russia Diverged Forever? (Civilizational Evolution of Ukraine, Russia and the West in the System-Communicative Dimension). Article 1

Kosmyna V.

P. 141-152 MORE

Social Capital and Social Mobility in Makhachkala: What to Do if You Do not Have Influential Relatives?

Starikov I.

P. 153–164 MORE

The Art market and the Boundaries of Art

Sokolov K., Osokin Y.

P. 165–176 MORE