Social Sciences, ISSUE 5, 2015


Foundation: 1976

Impact Factor: 0,862

ISSN (Print): 0869-0499


Regulating Migration Processes: Problems of Transition from Reactive to Systematic Policy

Romodanovsky K., Mukomel V.

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Ethical Consumption as an Innovative Practice of Civil Society in Russia

Shabanova M.

P. 19-34 MORE

Economic Aspects of Cultural Policies in Post-Soviet Russia

Jakobson L., Rudnik B.

P. 35-47 MORE

Models of Financial Support for Culture

Abankina T.

P. 48-60 MORE

Distance between States of Modernization of Makroregions of the Russia and Their Civilizational Contexts

Lapin N.

P. 61-71 MORE

Impact of Cultural Diversity of Russian Regions on Economic Performance

Nesena M.

P. 72-85 MORE

Education for Knowledge Society: Genesis and Social Challengers

Karpov A.

P. 86-101 MORE

Political Myth as a Type of Political Symbolization

Musikhin G.

P. 102-117 MORE

Moral Prerequisites of Social Rights

Kolotova N.

P. 118-127 MORE

The Ways of Ukraine and Russia Diverged Forever? (Civilizational Evolution of Ukraine, Russia and the West in the System-Communicative Dimension). Part 2

Kosmyna V.

P. 128-142 MORE

Migrants on the Household Labor Market in Russia and Kazakhstan

Florinskaya Y.

P. 143-153 MORE

The Image of the North Caucasus on Federal Channels

Dreval M.

P. 154-162 MORE

Popular Music in the Context of Contemporary Cultural Studies: Formation and Academization of Popular Music Studies

Kolesnik A.

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