Social Sciences, ISSUE 6, 2015


Foundation: 1976

Impact Factor: 0,862

ISSN (Print): 0869-0499


Social Policy: Scientific Justification’ Unresolved Problem

Tambovtsev V.

P. 5-13 MORE

Social Investment State: a New Shift in Social Policy?

Chubarova T.

P. 14-28 MORE

From Environmental Threats to New Development Rules and Tools in Eurasia

Schvarts Ev., Simonov Eu.

P. 29-33 MORE

The Vicious Circle of Post-Soviet Neopatrimonialism

Gel’man V.

P. 34-44 MORE

Symbolization as Contextual Synthesis of Political Ontology, Political Epistemology and Political Language

Musikhin V.

P. 45-57 MORE

Once Again the Question about the Phenomenon of Modernization: a Civilizational Dimension. The Article 1. Interaction between Civilizations: Presupposition, Condition and Historical Content of the Process of Modernization

Shemyakin J.

P. 58-72 MORE

Do We Need Nostalgia for the Soviet Union?

Kudrov M.

P. 73-83 MORE

How to Fight Youth Radicalism in the North Caucasus?

Starodubrovskaya I.

P. 84-96 MORE

Authoritative Discourse of Russian Economist

Orekhovsky P.

P. 97-115 MORE

The Concept of Antifragility and Its Applications

Balatsky E.

P. 116-130 MORE

Phenomenology as the Basis of Political Economy

Usanov P.

P. 131-141 MORE

Dialectics of the Individual and the Communal in the Communication Activity of the Modern Society

Rodin A.

P. 142-150 MORE

Acceleration of History: Causal Mechanisms and Limits

Rozov N.

P. 151-162 MORE

Boris Dubin and the Project of Cultural Sociology in Russia

Stepanov B.

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