Social Sciences, ISSUE 1, 2016


Foundation: 1976

Impact Factor: 0,862

ISSN (Print): 0869-0499


The Intention of Young People to Higher Education as an Important Resource of Innovative Development of Russia

Konstantinovskiy D., Popova E.

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Additional Supplementary Education and Vocational Training of Graduates and Young Employees as a Bridge between Education System and Labor Market

Kliucharev G., Latov Y.

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The Function of Educational Institution on Vocational Training Workers and Employees: a Feather in the Hand or a Bird in the Air?

Latova N.

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What Economic Theory Can Tell About Competition Advocacy?

Shastitko A., Komkova A., Kurdin A.

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Cultural Diversity of the Russian Regions and Economic Growth

Limonov L., Nesena M.

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Intellectual Laborers in Industrial and Postindustrial Society

Didenko D.

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Social Policy of a Juvenal Society

Jakobson L.

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The Vicious Circle of Post-Soviet Neopatrimonialism

Gel’man V.

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The Phenomenon of Modernization: a Civilizational Dimension. Article 2. The Modernization Values in the West and the "Non-Western" World: Perception Peculiarities and Dynamics of Identity Strategies Evolution

Shemyakin J.

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Opportunities and Consequences of Nationalist Choice: Which Past Will Become the New Future

Fabrykant M.

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Cognitive Analysis in Social Sciences

Shironin V.

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Social History in the 21st Century. Diagnosis of the Research Field

Savelieva I.

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Socialist Thought in Anticipation of the Centennial of the October

Feldman M.

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