Social Sciences, ISSUE 2, 2016


Foundation: 1976

Impact Factor: 0,862

ISSN (Print): 0869-0499


Social Liberalism and Consociational Paternalism

Rubinshtein A.

P. 5-38 MORE

Administrative Reform and Its Projects in Modern Russia: Were There Advocacy Coalitions?

Sungurov A., Tenyakov D.

P. 3951 MORE

The Youth in Terms of Anomie: Who Will Take the Responsibility for the Future of Russia?

Zarubina N.

P. 52-63 MORE

Wellbeing Improvement Strategies

Avraamova E.

P. 64-72 MORE

Political Cynicism: the Concept, Practice, Alternative

Obolonsky A.

P. 73-81 MORE

Official Human Rights Discourse in Post-Communist Russia: from Liberalism to Paternalism

Zakharova O.

P. 82-93 MORE

Corporate State in Modern Society or the Struggle Against Corruption as a Problem of Reducing of the Status Rents in Russia

Martianov V.

P. 94-107 MORE

The Difference between the Concepts of Intelligentsia and Intellectuals (Historiography, Sociphilosophical and General Theoretical Aspects)

Yudin K., Bandurin M.

P. 108120 MORE

The impact of Value Similarity with Parents and Peers on Well-Being of Children in Russian Families in Latvia

Ryabichenko T., Lebedeva N.

P. 121135 MORE

Trampled Path Through a Dark Forest

Lurie S.

P. 136-143 MORE

Conflict Resolution in North Caucasus: the Role of Informal Law

Kazenin K.

P. 144154 MORE

State of Modern Legal Science: the Opinion of Experts

Chestnov I.

P. 155-163 MORE

The Sciential Matrix and the Start of Scientific Work

Aksyonov G.

P. 164-176 MORE