Social Sciences, ISSUE 3, 2016


Foundation: 1976

Impact Factor: 0,862

ISSN (Print): 0869-0499


Law and Economic Activity

Khabrieva T., Lukianova V.

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Crisis and Future of Labour under the Trends of Civilization Development

Sidorina T.

P. 22-33 MORE

Precariat: New Challenge for Modern Societies and Its Conceptualization (Reflections on the Book of Gay Standing)

Busygina I.

P. 34-47 MORE

Unequal Precariousness: on the Origin and Forms of Social Status Instability of Individuals and Groups

Gasiukova E., Karacharovskiy V., Yastrebov G.

P. 48-63 MORE

Transparent Information Environment of the Labour Market

Sigova S., Kekkonen A., Pitukhin E.

P. 64-74 MORE

Job Mobility of Public and Private Sector Workers

Klepikova E.

P. 75-90 MORE

The State in the Context of Globalization: Rethinking the Concept

Varlamova N.

P. 91-104 MORE

Esthetic Context of Law Enforcement Art

Glukhareva L.

P. 105-111 MORE

Contemporary Economy: a New Conceptual Challenge

Evstigneev R.

P. 112-121 MORE

How Stalin Deceived the West: the Adoption of 1936 Soviet Constitution as Political PR-action

Medushevsky A.

P. 122-138 MORE

Economic Enigmas of the Informal Institutions

Tambovtsev V.

P. 139-148 MORE

Measuring Corruption: Methodological Problems

Nisnevich Yu., Shukhova A., Stukal D.

P. 149-162 MORE

At the Roots of the Russian Reformation (Reading the F.M. Dostoevsky’ Novel "The Double")

Davydov A.

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