Social Sciences, ISSUE 4, 2016


Foundation: 1976

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ISSN (Print): 0869-0499


A General Theory of Methodenstreits in Economic Science

Avtonomov V., Avtonomov Yu.

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Revisioning the Concept of The Firm in Light of New Spirit of Capitalism L. Boltansky and E. Chiapelo. Networks and New Classes

Orekhovsky P.

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Inclusive Institutions as a Factor of Sustainable Growth

Arslanov V.

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The Impact of Crisis on the Life of Russian Middle Class

The Impact of Crisis on the Life of Russian Middle Class

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Values and Policies of Russia's Middle Class during the Economic Crisis

Mareeva S.

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The Long-term Tendencies on the Housing Market in Russia and in Moscow Region: a Challenge for the Population and Economic Policy

Dmitriyev M., Misikhina S.

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Law and Social Mobilization in the Totalitarian State: the National Debate over Stalins Constitution

Medushevsky A.

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The Romanov's Empire World War Test (Turning over the Pages of Special Journals of Council of Ministers)

Zhavoronkov S., Yanovskiy K.

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Depolitization as Political Action: to History of Evolution P.A. Kulishs Political Views at 1840-1850

Teslia A.

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Choosing Between Discrete Institutional Alternatives: What Do We Compare?

Shastitko A.

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The Dynamics of Rises and Breakdowns of Societies: Toward a Covering Paradigm

Rozov N.

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Poetic Practices in the Contemporary Political Discourse

Baranov A., Severskaya O.

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The Challenges of the Information Society and the Science of Archives

Yumasheva Ju.

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