Social Sciences, ISSUE 6, 2016


Foundation: 1976

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ISSN (Print): 0869-0499


Transformational Processes of the Russian Companies on the Background of Socio-political Crisis and post-Krymsky Syndrome

Byzov L.

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Basic Values and Attitude toward Corruption: Cross-Cultural Analysis

Tatarko A., Mironova A.

P. 21-37 MORE

The Standard of Living in Russia: the Trajectory of the Processes of Structuration in post-Soviet society

Belyaeva L.

P. 38-52 MORE

Business Culture: from Researches to Transformation

Prigozhin A.

P. 53-66 MORE

Business Ethics of Business Elite as a Factor of Sociocultural Modernization (Example of MBA students)

Soboleva N.

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The National Identity of Russian and American Students. Article 2. Aspects of Attitudes towards the Country that Render It an Object of National Identity

Urnov M., Kasamara V.

P. 82-98 MORE

“Where Does the Motherland Begin”: Perceptions of Patriotism among University Students

Kasamara V., Sorokina A.

P. 99-110 MORE

Social Transformation and Intergeneration Conflict(the Example of the North Caucasus)

Starodubrovskaya I.

P. 111-124 MORE

Perceived Discrimination and Acculturation of Russians in the North Caucasus: the Role of Ethnic and Regional Identity Incompatibility

Lepshokova Z., Lebedeva N.

P. 125-138 MORE

Reality and Contradictions of Knowledge Society: Genesis

Karpov A.

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Market Coordination of Reproduction Interactions

Deryabina M.

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Mandelshtam's "Ode": The Principle of "genre memory" in the Poetry of the 20th Century

Artemova S.

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