Social Sciences, ISSUE № 2, 2017

Editor-in-Chief: S. D. Valentey

Foundation: 1976

Impact Factor: 0,862

ISSN (Print): 0869-0499


Post-Socialist Transformations in Light of Discussions on Capitalism Models Diversity

Glinkina S.

P. 5–22 MORE

Income Stratification in Russia: Model Specifics and Vector of Dynamics

Tikhonova N.

P. 23–35 MORE

Phantom of "Revolutionary Situation": Protest Actions and Protest Moods of Modern Russians

Latov Yu

P. 36–51 MORE

Historical Memory as a Source of Knowledge about the Specifics of the Russian Civilization

Zarubina N.

P. 52–63 MORE

In the Eve of the Centenary of the October Revolution (Some Results of Historical Research of the October 1917 Revolution in Russia)

Feldman M.

P. 64–75 MORE

The Building of Post-Authoritarian Stateness: Spain, 1976-1982

Zhdanov V.

P. 76–90 MORE

Multiple Modernities: The Features of Bureaucratic Hierarchy and Corruption in Clan Society

Pain E., Sharafutdinova D.

P. 91–103 MORE

The Political Limits of "Homo Economicus"

Martianov V.

P. 104–118 MORE

The Mechanisms of Cycles in Politics and Economics: The General Model

Rozov N.

P. 119–131 MORE

Behavioral Economics: Application of the Methods of Cognitive Psychology in Economics

Shastitko A.

P. 132–141 MORE

De-Europeanization of Christianity in the XXI century: the Phenomenon of "Southern Christianity"

Andreeva L.

P. 142–152 MORE

The Culture and Its Script. Generalized Script as the Intracultural Integrator

Lourie S.

P. 153–164 MORE

Plato as Theorist and Practitioner of Political Consultation

Marchenko G.

P. 165–176 MORE