Social Sciences, ISSUE 3, 2017

Editor-in-Chief: S. D. Valentey

Foundation: 1976

Impact Factor: 0,862

ISSN (Print): 0869-0499


Social Justice (Some Constitutional Issues)

Khabrieva T., Chirkin V.

P. 5–14 MORE

State and International Society

Tikhomirov Yu.

P. 15–25 MORE

Income Stratification in Russia in Comparison with Other Countries

Tikhonova N.

P. 26–41 MORE

The Risks of Reducing the Level of Welfare: Stratification Analysis

Avraamova E.

P. 42–54 MORE

The Network Structure of Global Value Chains and Specifity of Countries’ Participation in Them

Smorodinskaya N., Malygin V., Katukov D.

P. 55–68 MORE

Socially Responsible Consumption in Russia: Factors and the Development Potential of Market-Oriented and Nonmarket Practices

Shabanova M.

P. 69–86 MORE

Thinking Revolution

Yakovenko I.

P. 87–96 MORE

The Russian Proletariat at the End of the 19th and Beginning of 20th Centuries – Revolutionary Vanguard, Hegemon, or Marginal Actor?

Mironov B.

P. 97–119 MORE

Comparative Analysis of Multicultural Policy in Canada, Europe, and Russia

Ponizovskiy V., Berry J.W.

P. 120–131 MORE

Financial Aspects of the Assistance of Terrorist Network Organizations in the North Caucasus

Dobaev I., Dobaev A.

P. 132–142 MORE

The Concept of Inclusive Institutions and Its Implications

Balatsky E.

P. 143–156 MORE

"Actor-Network-Theory" of B. Latour and "Culture Factor" in the Analysis of Economic Processes

Orekhovsky P.

P. 157–167 MORE