Social Sciences, ISSUE 4, 2017

Editor-in-Chief: S. D. Valentey

Foundation: 1976

Impact Factor: 0,862

ISSN (Print): 0869-0499


Aggregators around us: the new reality and approaches to research

Shastitko A., Markova O.

P. 5–15 MORE

Aggregators development: strategies and regulatory framework

Loseva E., Pavlova N.

P. 16–26 MORE

The Impact of Global Value Chains on National Economic Systems and Emerging Challenges for Russian Economic Policy

Smorodinskaya N., Katukov D.

P. 27–33 MORE

Social empathy in the sense of justice of Russian judges

Satarov G.

P. 34–44 MORE

Ties of legal consciousness and professional behavior of Russian judges

Rimskiy V.

P. 45–59 MORE

The Great Powers and Their Neighbors: Relations Strategy (Comparative Analysis of Russia and China)

Busygina I.

P. 60–74 MORE

Empires on the margins of Europe: Russia and Britain in comparative perspective (colonial and marginal policy)

Malkin S.

P. 75–83 MORE

Postsoviet authoritarianism

Nisnevich Yu., Ryabov A.

P. 84–97 MORE

Understand Russian Revolution: Ideology, Institutes and Forms of Social Mobilization in XX-th Century

Medushevskiy A.

P. 98–113 MORE

The Role of Bolshevik Revolution in Russian and World History

Nazaretyan A.

P. 114–129 MORE

Post-Soviet Statehood and Society. Part 1. Evolution of the Social Contract and the Legitimacy of Authority

Korotaev S., Shkaratan O.

P. 130–140 MORE

Path dependence of the social structure of the previous development: "...the moderns rage against the old"? (Reflection to the 25-th anniversary of the new Russia)

Latov Yu.

P. 141–152 MORE

Organic Modernization versus Informational Archaization

Yanitsky O.

P. 153–164 MORE

The Syrian Tragedy: Where Do Its Roots Lie?

Kiva A.

P. 165–176 MORE