Social Sciences, ISSUE 5, 2017

Editor-in-Chief: S. D. Valentey

Foundation: 1976

Impact Factor: 0,862

ISSN (Print): 0869-0499


Expectations and reality of optimization of business processes in the Russian public administration: quick wins or the protracted uphill struggle?

Dmitriev M., Krapil V.

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Perception of fairness and economic inequality in comparative cross-national context

Andreenkova A.

P. 1830 MORE

Agricultural policy of Russia

Barsukova S.

P. 3145 MORE

Reaction to counter-sanctions: "The price is no concern"

Zaostrovtsev A.

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Barriers to institutional development in Europe: economic productivity, social trust and political capital

Akhremenko A., Petrov A., Yureskul E.

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Legal political science or political science of law: the outline of research field

Sungurov A., Semikova A.

P. 8393 MORE

Political science of law as a science (brief remarks)

Kartsov A.

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Was Russian Revolution an accident?

Nefedov S.

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The clergy of the Russian orthodox church and the overthrow of the monarchy: "the priesthood" versus "kingdom"

Babkin M.

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Russian informal institutions and establishment of efficient safeguards for personal liberty and private property

Zhavaronkov S., Yanovskiy K.

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Islamism and Modernization: discussion notes

Starodubrovskaya I.

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How societies make the initial institutional choice? Criticizing the accident development concept and introduction to the structural approach

Shcherbak A.

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The Russian Reformation (Individual in a non-personalistic culture)

Davydov A.

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