Social Sciences, ISSUE 6, 2017

Editor-in-Chief: S. D. Valentey

Foundation: 1976

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ISSN (Print): 0869-0499


Russia's agglomerations development: trends, resources and governing

Zubarevich N.

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What Modernization Phase do Russia and Its Regions Undergo (Reflections on the Atlas of Modernization in Russia and Its Regions: Socioeconomic and Sociocultural Trends and Problems)

Drobizheva L.

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Property Relations in Modern Russia: Social Effects and Prospects

Belyaeva L.

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Paternalism in Modern Society: From Food Stamps to Basic Income

Chubarova T.

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Soviet and Post-Soviet Russia: Historical Perceptions of the Millennial Generation

Kasamara V., Sorokina A.

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Matrix of Muscovy and Its Reincarnation: How Reality Refutes the Good Wishes

Zaostrovtsev A.

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On Mythologeme of the Special Path

Obolonsky A.

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Culture as a factor of modernization: positive, negative, or indifferent one

Tambovtsev V.

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Discourse of Russian Modernization: Inevitability of the Next Failure

Orekhovsky P.

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Yuli Martov. Politics and morality in a Revolution

Vodolazov G.

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Post-Soviet Statehood and Society. Part 2. Social and Labor Market Policy at the Stage of Post-Soviet Statehood Forming

Korotaev S., Shkaratan O., Gasiukova E.

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Nation and Democracy. Article 1. The Idea of Civic Nation in Modern Russia

Pain E., Fedyunin S.

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Host population trust as a contextual condition for integration hypothesis confirmation in Russia

Dubrov D.

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Why money is more than a means of circulation

Gogohia D.

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Spatial-temporal framework of the process and the main contours of the semantic field of the concept of globalization

Shemyakin Ya.

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