Social Sciences, ISSUE 1, 2018

Editor-in-Chief: S. D. Valentey

Foundation: 1976

Impact Factor: 0,862

ISSN (Print): 0869-0499


Socio-ecological challenges to Russian megalopolises

Yanitsky O.N.

P. 5–16 MORE

Archaic paternalism as an organic part of the "power-property" system

Pliskevich N.M.

P. 17–32 MORE

Socio-political crises and revolutions: the theoretical analysis

Rozov N.S.

P. 33–42 MORE

Yuli Martov. Politics and morality in a revolution

Vodolazov G.G.

P. 43-58 MORE

Post-soviet statehood and society: the evolution of social contract and legitimizing of authority. Part 3. The strengthening of statehood and social contract between society and authorities

Korotaev S.A., Shkaratan O.I.

P. 59–74 MORE

In search of ideologies or in their trap? (Reflections on a new book)

Saburova L.A.

P. 75–81 MORE

Nation and democracy. Article 2. The Illusion of a Post-national World and the Crisis in Western Democracies

Pain E.A., Fedyunin S.Yu.

P. 82–99 MORE

On friendship, or on the Nation (Bernard Yack on nationalism and moral psychology)

Teslia A.A.

P. 100–107 MORE

Austrian School Methodology: a forgotten perspective?

Kavaliou A.V.

P. 108–118 MORE

The concept of accelerated capital accumulation and its applications

Balatsky E.V.

P. 119–133 MORE

Blockchain and social networks of the new generation: utopia, revolution, social change

Chernozub S.P.

P. 134–142 MORE

About the limits of the process of globalization (to propounding of a problem). Article 2. Interrelations of the universal and local dimensions of history in the globalizing world

Shemyakin Ya.G.

P. 143–157 MORE

Human sciences as a vocation and a profession

Dementev I.O.

P. 158–176 MORE