Social Sciences, ISSUE 4, 2018

Editor-in-Chief: S. D. Valentey

Foundation: 1976

Impact Factor: 0,862

ISSN (Print): 0869-0499


Systematic corruption requires systematic approaches in combatting it

Kleiner V.

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Fifty shades lighter: how raiding in Russia changed from 2011 to 2015?

Kazun A., Titova M.

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Criminalization and decriminalization of acts: finding the best balance

Kapinus O.

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Liberal and bureaucratic mentalities as factors of 1980s'90s' time transformations, the dynamic and contemporary echo of them

Obolonsky A.

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The formation and history of the "New Russia" through the prism of contemporary social contradictions

Byzov L.

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Socio-psychological capital of the person and acculturation expectations (the example of Russian Moscovites)

Tatarko A., Lepshokova Z., Dubrov D., Chuvashov S.

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Fertility in Russia and Estonia: differences among Russians in Russia and in Estonia and native Estonians

Churilova E., Zakharov S., Puur A., Rahnu L., Sakkeus L.

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Admission of pain in an older age

Rogozin D.

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Integral-institutional paradigm and the Russian way: overcoming the defects of the concepts of "PowerProperty" and "X-Y matrices"

Bessonova O.

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Failed Revolution? An interpretation of the events of MayJune 1968 in France

Verevkin A.

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The 21st Century and the Outdated Philosophy (On the Jubilee Report to the Club of Rome)

Nazaretyan A.

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Structural uncertainty and institutions

Shastitko A.

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