Social Sciences, ISSUE 5, 2018

Editor-in-Chief: S. D. Valentey

Foundation: 1976

Impact Factor: 0,862

ISSN (Print): 0869-0499


Role of State in Economy: from the time of Adam Smith to the digital revolution

Mączyńska E.

P. 517 MORE

Cultural system and social development

Kleer J.

P. 1830 MORE

The role of spatial policy in acceleration of economic growth

Dmitriev M., Chistyakov P., Romashina A.

P. 3147 MORE

Exceptions and rules: success stories and bad governance in Russia (part 1)

Gel'man V.

P. 4860 MORE

Experts and expertise in Russia: from objective device to active citizen

Sungurov A.

P. 6172 MORE

Presidential elections 2018: the struggle of Putin and Navalny for a media agenda

Kazun A., Semykina K.

P. 7386 MORE

Transformation of historical theories at the decline of the USSR and in post-Soviet Russia

Ionov I.

P. 87101 MORE

The cult of revolutionary martyrs and the cult of V.I. Lenin

Andreeva L.

P. 102114 MORE

Education in the future

Karpov A.

P. 115124 MORE

Teslia A.

P. 125129 MORE

The phenomenon of closedness in the citation networks of regional scientific events: scientific schools, invisible college, scientific cliques

Radina N.

P. 130142 MORE

Structuralist revolution and transformation of economics: from science to fairly tale

Koshovets O., Orekhovsky P.

P. 143157 MORE

Social theory: postmodern turn and modernist turn out

Pavlov A.

P. 158170 MORE

Traditional culture in a polycentric world. Article 1. Traditional culture and modernity: possibilities and conditions of dialogue

Shemyakina O.

P. 171179 MORE

Between Pushkin and Dostoevsky: poem The Gipsies and comments on it

Davydov A.

P. 180192 MORE