Tips for the contributors

1. The size of articles submitted to the Editorial Board should not exceed 1 signature (40 000 characters with spaces), including references.
2. The articles are considered by the Editorial Board before being sent, after approval, for blind (anonymous) external reviewing.
3. The articles reworked by the author in accordance with the remarks received are accepted for printing.
4. The format of the articles shall comply with the following rules:
) First name, patronymic and last name of the author, academic degree, title, position, the postal address of the institution and email address. The text of the article must be preceded by a summary and keywords in Russian.
B) References in the body of the text are to be in square brackets with the indication of all the family names of contributors to the text in italics (e.g. [Ivanov, Petrov, Sidorov 2016].
C) The list of literature after the text must contain alphabetically first all the Russian sources and then foreign ones. For articles and monograph chapters the pages of the work cited must be provided.
D) After the list of literature beneath a horizontal line are cited the titles of works in English, data on the author, an abstract and keywords.
E) All the works cited shall then again be listed in a single alphabetical order. Russian sources are transliterated in Latin characters with an English translation in square brackets. The titles of journals are just transliterated.
F) Italics in References shall be used: a) for titles of journals; b) titles of collective monographs and collections if a chapter or article from them is cited (for Russian sources an English translation of the monograph/ collection title is required in square brackets separately for chapters and separately for monographs.
G) Sources such as statistical books, legal acts and other documents are not italicized.
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