Professor Sergey Velentey, Dr.Sc. (Economics) is the head of research at the Plekhanov Russian Economic University, the oldest and one of the most authoritative economic education institutions in the country. He is the author of 350 scientific publications, including monographs. The range of Sergey Valenteys interests (spatial economics, regional economics, economics of federative relations, the development of the local self-government system, rational use of natural resources and environmental protection, economics of innovations, the shaping and development of the human capital) is matched by the breadth of view on the problems studied, an analysis that is not confined to narrow specialized issues, but also includes aspects that transcend the boundaries of individual disciplines (for example, the link between economics and law, economics and sociology). The breadth of Sergey Valenteys scientific views is augmented by the breadth of his views on the spatial diversity of our vast country. One of the main areas of Sergey Valenteys scientific interests, the study of Russian regions, opens up opportunities for analyzing the specificities of the countrys state structure, taking into account the development of nationwide processes in each of the regions, deepening and improvement of federative relations in the Russian Federation (Sergey Valentey is also the chief editor of the journal Federalism). This approach to research is in keeping with the interdisciplinary principles traditionally espoused by the journal Social Sciences and Contemporary World.