ARTICLE TITLE: "Actor-Network-Theory" of B. Latour and "Culture Factor" in the Analysis of Economic Processes
AUTHORS: Orekhovsky P.
ABSTRACT: B. Latour distinguishes between "sociology of social" and "sociology of associations". Similarly, we can speak of "economic economy" (economic theory) and the economy of cities, regions, countries, sectors. Constructivism is intended to include a network of researchers in the relationships with other actors and actants, the reconstruction of this situation. In contrast to this neo-Kantian scheme in the traditional discourse of the behavior of the subject assumes relatively independent in relation to the object. The "culture man" model can significantly contradict the "economic man." Culture suggests that individuals are included in a certain context, politics, religion, technology, landscape. However, the attempt to view culture as a purely exogenous-determining factor of economic behavior is doomed to failure. Culture – part of the knowing subject, and the researcher should revise the base of their own thinking to understand the impact of culture on others. Refusal of such review often leads to errors
KEYWORDS: constructivism , institutions , economic man , culture