ARTICLE TITLE: Archaic paternalism as an organic part of the "power-property" system
AUTHORS: Pliskevich N.M.
ABSTRACT: The article attempts to explain why in the Russian conditions, along with the characteristic for the developed countries link between the ideas of liberalism and methods of modern paternalism there exist modern paternalistic forms. It is shown that the archaism of paternalism largely results from the archaism of the institutional structure, which developed in the country by the early 2000s and only strengthened in the future – the relations system "power-ownership." The role of responsibility of an individual for his life, as well as his "pater", is considered, especially in case when the individual is free from any possibility to take an independent decision. Such monopolization by the "pater" of these duties in the modern hierarchical system of access to their execution generates the growth of aggressive adaptive individualism in the masses, which becomes extremely dangerous when the system is weakened
KEYWORDS: paternalism , individualism , liberalism , freedom , responsibility , power-ownership