ARTICLE TITLE: Authoritative Discourse of Russian Economist
AUTHORS: Orekhovsky P.
ABSTRACT: The paper deals with the basic concepts of modern Russian economic discourse. It is proved that the principal becomes performative rather than ascertaining element statements. Ideology, which belongs to the authoritative discourse – vulgar liberalism forming the same approach to the markets of medical, educational, sexual, religious and other goods and services. Authoritative discourse allows the construction of "probable worlds", but in general it is neutral in relation to reality. Moreover, some of the theory in this discourse can be openly anti-realistic. Using the concept of methodological individualism allows to eliminate the problem of matching theory and reality. As a result, the main function of science is not to gain new economic knowledge, but the propaganda that unites economy and theology.
KEYWORDS: discourse , theory , reality , market , competition , economic man , state , methodological individualism