ARTICLE TITLE: Boris Dubin and the Project of Cultural Sociology in Russia
AUTHORS: Stepanov B.
ABSTRACT: The cultural sociology project developed by Boris Dubin and his colleagues had often remained out of frames in the discussion of theirs works. Thorough consideration of the principles of cultural analysis based on the works of Boris Dubin and Lev Gudkov in the field of literature sociology can give according author an opportunity to reevaluate the place of this project in the history of the humanities in the last decades. Ноwever, the study of its evolution reveals some conceptual tensions whose further discussion seems useful both for the productive reception of this project and for the comprehension of the significance of works written by Dubin in 1900s and 2000s for the development of this project.
KEYWORDS: Cultural sociology , sociology of literature , cultural studies , mass culture , institutional analysis , sociological poetics , critical theory , cultural turn