ARTICLE TITLE: The future of Universities: Article 1. Global Trends
AUTHORS: Klyachko T. , Mau V.
ABSTRACT: The paper discusses future of universities, specifically, the trends that are taken account of more actively and those that are only occurring and still out of sight of the majority of researchers into higher education. The future of universities is discussed in connection with new factors and circumstances that play a significant role in developing higher education, especially in leading countries. Among key issues are factors of education development per se and the global context. The first ones are high growth in universities’ cost escalation and new mass open online courses (MOOC) as a possible counterbalance for prices rising in education as well as a transfer from mass higher education to universal one that has begun to show. The second ones are advancement in global crisis and outlines of new socio-economic and technological elements of reality that will form in the result of its resolution, because new social conditions and changing economic model also play an important part in changing the place and the role of universities.
KEYWORDS: university , future universities , higher education , cost escalation , a wide range of open online courses