ARTICLE TITLE: De-Europeanization of Christianity in the XXI century: the Phenomenon of "Southern Christianity"
AUTHORS: Andreeva L.
ABSTRACT: The article is devoted to the studying of the process of changing of the traditional ethnic and geographic localization of Christianity at the beginning of the XXI century, the transition of the center of Christianity from the "global North" to the «"global South’s" countries and the formation of the new trend in Christianity i.e. "Southern" Christianity as a result of these. The conclusions, which are based on the analysis of religiosity "of the southern" Christians, reveal not only geographical, but also profound qualitative differences between the "Southern" Christianity and the "Northern" Christianity of the Global West. The results of the analysis allow us to define the "Southern" Christianity as the new emerging global reality and as the "Next Christianity" and to conclude that the "Southern" Christianity is compatible with the so-called "traditional Christianity" of the "Global North" to a small extent. This transition of the "center of gravity" to the "Global South" threatens the traditional Christianity with archaization, which is understood as a decline of Christianity.
KEYWORDS: Christianity , de-Europeanization of Christianity , "southern" Christianity , religious , archaization of Christianity