ARTICLE TITLE: Business Ethics of Business Elite as a Factor of Sociocultural Modernization (Example of MBA students)
AUTHORS: Soboleva N.
ABSTRACT: In the current paper I analyze business ethics orientations of representatives of Russian business society in order to reveal whether they are relevant to the sociocultural modernization. Namely, the level of modernization of ethical orientations of business community is estimated. Both attitudes towards business ethics and towards strict adherence to the law are the key factors of sociocultural modernization. A number of in-depth interviews with the graduates of MBA programs (conducted in 2012) and the survey of MBA students (from June to November 2010, sample size – 222 respondents) serve as empirical base of the study. MBA students represent different groups of business community sharing the same intention – orientation on human capital accumulation and openness to new. According to the results, the representatives of business community consider business ethics very important and admit that it is obligatory to follow it. At the same time, they opine that the benefits of following business ethics is more evident in long-term perspective, whereas in short-term perspective it can lead to negative consequences.
KEYWORDS: business ethics , business elite , MBA , sociocultural modernization , Russia