ARTICLE TITLE: Depolitization as Political Action: to History of Evolution P.A. Kulish’s Political Views at 1840-1850
AUTHORS: Teslia A.
ABSTRACT: This paper analyzes the evolution of political views of Panteleimon Kulish in 1840 - 1850's. As one of the ukrainophile movement leaders he had a great influence on its formation and progress, not only, and often not so much directly, but as an author. The paper focuses on the theoretical preferential bases views of Kulish and notes the sophisticated interlacing of Orientalist and counter-Orientalist optics. Conversion from sentimental perception of Little Russia to uncertain and radical views in the middle of the 1840-s and in the second half of the 1850-s to "kulturnichestvo" and "hutoryanstvo" which are based on reinterpretation of Moscow slavophilism is observed. "Kulturnichestvo " of Kulish is considered as a political program of depoliticization unlike a direct political action giving way to the progress of the Ukrainian national movement in the conditions of the Russian Empire in a "Great Reforms"era.
KEYWORDS: N. I. Kostomarov , P. A. Kulish , nationalism , political messianizm , romanticism , slavophilism , ukrainophilism