ARTICLE TITLE: Additional Supplementary Education and Vocational Training of Graduates and Young Employees as a Bridge between Education System and Labor Market
AUTHORS: Kliucharev G. , Latov Y.
ABSTRACT: The estimates and opinions of experts (employers, representatives of recruiting agencies and municipal employment services, heads of departments of labor in the regional administrations, heads of educational institutions of professional education), university and SSUZ graduates are analyzed in the context of youth employment and matching jobs. It is shown that in most cases the level of professional competence of graduates doesn't correspond to specifics of regional labor markets. In particular, this means – undereducation and insufficient preparation, lack of practical skills, experience. Also, it is obvious surplus of university graduates. As a result the employer forcedly puts in the budget of the enterprise of funds for additional education of the young employees with prospect of their professional growth and the subsequent economic return due to increase of labor productivity and increase in competitiveness of the enterprise. Additional professional education, thus, becomes necessary tool (institution) of adaptation of young graduates to requirements of labor market.
KEYWORDS: young employees , graduates , professional education , vocational training , labor market , additional and supplementary education