ARTICLE TITLE: The economy of a complex man
AUTHORS: Pliskevich N.
ABSTRACT: The article analyzes one of the directions of economic synergetics – the concept developed by L. and R. Evstigneev. This is the need to include in the economic analysis not just an economically rational person (homo economicus), but a person in the whole complex of his social, political, cultural, psychological and other views, values, ties, etc. For such an expansion of economic analysis, it introduces the category of "mentality", which includes all the wealth of motivations of a person, and therefore, as a consequence, expanding the understanding of the rationality of economic activity beyond the motives for profit. The very rationality should include both social, psychological, political, cultural, and many other motives. The introduction of the category "mentality" into the economic analysis makes us take a fresh look at the meaning of such categories as "market", "capital", "income". In general, the concept of Evstigneevs' confirms the need to take into account the goals and values of a complex person in the construction of a new, innovative economy
KEYWORDS: economic synergetics , mentality , market , economic rationality , capital , income