ARTICLE TITLE: Experts and expertise in Russia: from objective device to active citizen
AUTHORS: Sungurov A.
ABSTRACT: The objective of this paper is a comparative analysis of four examples of expert communities participation in decision making processes of different kinds. In the framework of traditional political decisions and prognostication experts are viewed as kind of devices, whose readings can be optimized by deferent methods, and the customer of the expertize is always interested in public goods. Analyzing the role of the expertise in the international sphere the reasons for ordering an expertise are different and an active position of experts in promoting their recommendations is considered as normal, and doesnt have to be minimized. In framework of humanitarian expertise conception civil position of experts is considered the main feature of being an expert. Finally, the expert members of the methodological movement, the followers of Georg Shchedrovitskiy actively join not only the process of decision preparation, but also try to implement their jointly developed decisions
KEYWORDS: expertise , expert community , humanitarian expertise , initiative expertise