ARTICLE TITLE: Is There Any Request for Social Liberalism in the Modern Russian Society?
AUTHORS: Avraamova E.
ABSTRACT: Social liberalism is regarded as a balance of development and stability which is possible to achieve when there is high quality of institutional environment and the public willingness to make efforts to increase individual competitiveness. The following issues are considered: whether the efforts directed at the increase of individual competitiveness are performed at the individual level or in large numbers; whether the channels of implementation of individual human capital formed as the result of increase of individual competitiveness are operating in social-economic system; whether the significant part of society shares the idea of social justice as the reward for efforts directed at rise of individual competitiveness; whether there are channels of promotion and consolidation of individual interests. The study showed that most Russians are not ready to accept the idea of social liberalism. At the same time share the liberal values to 20% of the population. And socioeconomic policy should not neglect its interests.
KEYWORDS: social liberalism , models of socio-economic development , individual and public interests , education , social communication , labour market , social justice