ARTICLE TITLE: Esthetic Context of Law Enforcement Art
AUTHORS: Glukhareva L.
ABSTRACT: It is provided in the article to return to qualification of the law enforcement as the art as was the case in the pre-revolutionary juridical literature. Such approach enables to make actual a quality aspect of law enforcement process, draw attention not so much to its dogmatic constituent as to creative execution of this activity. Interpretation of the law enforcement as an art integrates the scientific circle with emotional and sensuous accents and relationship of its participants as well as vast audience which are stimulated by activity of law enforcers. It causes the problem of relation of law enforcement of power subjects, law culture and public order which are mostly created by legal consciousness and behavior of citizens. The term “law enforcement art” involves esthetic characteristics (beauty, correctness, positivity, harmonicas, etc.) in the parameters of juridical analysis. It is the author's opinion that indexes of law enforcement esthetic are composed of concordance of legal, moral and true esthetic base. Hereby it is evident that jurisprudence shall address psycho- and socio-culture methods of science as well as fundamental learning of anthropological base of legal activity.
KEYWORDS: action-oriented jurisprudence , law enforcement art , creative element of law enforcement , rationalism of law , emotional and sensuous perception of law enforcement activities , practical esthetic , beauty , lofty , harmonious , indexes of esthetic of law enforcement , psycho- and socio-culture methods of science