ARTICLE TITLE: The Ruling Class Ethics as a Source of State Strategies
AUTHORS: Solovyev A.
ABSTRACT: The article reveals the place and role of value-orientation, and moral-ethical ideas of the ruling class as the source for the development and implementation of public policies. It is shown that the decisive influence in this plan have beliefs and installation of network coalitions of elites operating in latent form, and playing a Central role in the preparation and implementation of government decisions. In this regard, the article deals with the structural and procedural conditions and the factors contributing to the impact of elite values on specific solutions and social conditions of their implementation. In this context describes the features of the value-orientation of the complex modern ruling class in Russia, describes how its impact on the objectives of the national strategies in light of current in the establishment of cultural norms and traditions.
KEYWORDS: the ruling class , the elite , values , ethics , the state space of the decision , the state strategy