ARTICLE TITLE: Ethic in the Public Policy as a Factor for Socio-cultural Changes
AUTHORS: Obolonsky A.
ABSTRACT: The article is devoted to critically important issue of the ethical regulation of politicians behavior at different levels and kinds of work as well as citizens. Author considers the ethical values and standards as one of mostly effective ways for possible progress in this field of public life by means of changes in prevailed political culture of the society. The current situation is not just unsatisfactory, but dangerous for a future of the country. The decline of state prestige is not only Russian but in a certain degree is worldwide problem, a part of general crisis of state in its existing forms and quest of model supposedly more adequate to modern circumstances and public expectations. The problems of relation between politics and morality (issue of Makiavellism, particularly), political ethic and democracy, the moral aspects of leadership, special moral responsibility of politicians, the ethic of parliamentarians and ethic of civil society's member are considered. A number of historical sources and some foreign (English, in particular) materials are used in the article.
KEYWORDS: ethic , morality , political culture , civil values , state , democracy , leader , member of parliament , civil society