ARTICLE TITLE: Ethnomanagement as a Part of Ethnoeconomy
AUTHORS: Pavlov K.
ABSTRACT: Etnoeсonomy – the science which studies the economic behavior of different ethnic groups, has been intensively developing. Given that management is an essential part of social reproduction system, of the formation and development of etnomanagement as a key direction etnoeсonomy seems highly relevant. Etnomanagement is a promising scientific field studying various national and ethno-regional patterns of management and control systems of the reproduction process. The study of ethnic management patterns is based on the use of general systems theory method, and factor analysis. Thus, the article deserved various national and etno-regional management models, including the Russian one shown positive and negative aspects of these models and management systems, on the possibility some elements of different national of management models in Russian economic conditions
KEYWORDS: etnomanagement , etnoeсonomy , national model of management , ethnic characteristics of control systems