ARTICLE TITLE: Once Again the Question about the Phenomenon of Modernization: a Civilizational Dimension. The Article 1. Interaction between Civilizations: Presupposition, Condition and Historical Content of the Process of Modernization
AUTHORS: Shemyakin J.
ABSTRACT: In article the re-examination the phenomenon of modernization in the light of civilizational approach is presented. The author emphasizes the need to overcome the Eurocentric interpretation of this phenomenon, founds the understanding of modernization as a process of interaction between civilizations, shows that extreme variety and intensity of contacts of the various cultural traditions were as presupposition of the coming of “modern-era” in Europe, and the condition of the development of the process of modernization in the “non-Western” world.
KEYWORDS: modernization , values of modernization , modern-design , interaction between civilizations , civilizational identity , identification strategy , subecumenes , “borderline” civilizations