ARTICLE TITLE: The Phenomenon of Modernization: a Civilizational Dimension. Article 2. The Modernization Values in the West and the "Non-Western" World: Perception Peculiarities and Dynamics of Identity Strategies Evolution
AUTHORS: Shemyakin J.
ABSTRACT: The author continues his investigation of the modernization phenomenon in the context of civilizational approach. This article defines its content of values, their hierarchy and analyzes the peculiarities of modernizing impulse perception in the West and in the "non-Western" world. Special attention is paid to the controversial and historically changing relationship between the two bases of modernization: the principles of freedom of choice and rationality. In this connection the dynamics of identification evolution strategies is also traced. A particular object of the study is the specifics of the modernization process in "border" civilizations type, which include Russia.
KEYWORDS: modernization , values of modernization , modern-design , interaction between civilizations , civilizational identity , identification strategy , subecumenes , “borderline” civilizations