ARTICLE TITLE: Financial Aspects of the Assistance of Terrorist Network Organizations in the North Caucasus
AUTHORS: Dobaev I. , Dobaev A.
ABSTRACT: The article presents the major trends and sources of terrorist organizations funding in the world and in the North Caucasus. Their dependence on economy globalization and the transition of terrorist groups to the network principle of organization is shown. A perspective picture of transformation in funding of network terrorist groups in the North Caucasus, consistsing of reducing of the revenues from external sources, simultaneous strengthening of the internal financing and diversification of the internal sources is given in the article. The development of the total extortion system, which substantiates the so-called "Tax on jihad" is also highlighted
KEYWORDS: Jeehad , Zakat , Imarat Caucasus , Islamism , radical Islamism , North Caucasus , Terrorism , Terrorism Financing , Hawala , Extremism