ARTICLE TITLE: State and International Society
AUTHORS: Tikhomirov Yu.
ABSTRACT: Evolution of states participation in international relations is highlighted in the article. Evaluation of institutes and regimes of its functional cooperation, reasons for breaking of international conflicts revealed by the author. Characteristics of correlation between national and international legal norms allowed to reveal effective forms of countries cooperation and different ways of international legal norms and principles influence on national legislation, on the one hand, and state role in international legal order, on the other hand. The main attention is paid to analysis of state functions in view of global economic crisis, safety aspects and so on as well as forms of cooperate solution of global problems. The tendencies of strong and weak role of the states are extended by the attempts to break legal order and opposition of power of the law and law of the power researched by the author
KEYWORDS: state , international society , international organizations , legal acts , break of law , state and international affairs