ARTICLE TITLE: Innovative systems in the regions of Russia and their development
AUTHORS: Aliev M. , Lapin N.
ABSTRACT: The historical experience of the market and centrally planned economies, as well as the results of research in a large number of Russian regions and the analysis of the practical experience of the authors, convince us that it is advisable to continue the formation of a holistic all-Russian NIS as a multi-level process. The existing innovation sites of the all-Russian (partly international, global) level must be supplemented by the systemic development of innovative sites, first at an average level – in all regions (constituent entities of the Russian Federation), and then in many local communities (municipalities). Coordination of innovative projects of different levels (from all-Russian megaprojects, regional mesoprojects and municipal micro-projects) "from above and from below" (federal, regional and municipal government bodies) will allow to realize an integrated modernization in which the successes of the neo-industrial stage of modernization will be multiplied by the achievements of the information-humanistic stage of it
KEYWORDS: multi-level innovation system , need for a regional level of the innovation system , the initial stage of the innovative evolution of the Republic of Dagestan , the main groups of elements of the innovation system of the region , integrated modernization strategy