ARTICLE TITLE: An alien from the Old Square
AUTHORS: Sheynis V.
ABSTRACT: In 2017, a Soviet historian and a party figure, assistant for international affairs to the general secretary of the CPSU Central Committee, and later to the president of the USSR – Anatoly Chernyaev, passed away. In his article, the author, with reference to Chernyaev's autobiographical notes and diaries, speaks about this outstanding man, recalls the time of his political activity, expresses his judgments, supplementing Chernyaev's memoirs with his own ones. This includes the attitude to the ritual service to the communist ideology of Khrushchev's times, the evaluation of Gorbachev's activity and his time until Yeltsin's rise to power
KEYWORDS: Gorbachev , Chernyaev , perestroika , communist ideology , modernization