ARTICLE TITLE: Integral-institutional paradigm and the Russian way: overcoming the defects of the concepts of "PowerProperty" and "X-Y matrices"
AUTHORS: Bessonova O.
ABSTRACT: The article presents the results of the integral-institutional paradigm, which is a new tool for analyzing institutional evolution and the historical path of Russian society. In this paradigm, the market and razdatok (non-market economies) are viewed both as universal development mechanisms and as "equal hands" of the state. The confrontation between market and razdatok economies is replaced in the 21st century synthesis of market institutions and razdatok. Inclusive synthesis in the form of contractual razdatok gives rise to a new institutional matrix of the social state and democracy for the economies, both with the market and with the razdatok prior development. This is the key difference of the new paradigm from the concepts of "power-property" and "X-Y matrices", which are based on antagonistic dichotomies and pre-set results
KEYWORDS: integral institutional paradigm , power-property , open access social order , quasi-market , contractual razdatok