ARTICLE TITLE: The Difference between the Concepts of Intelligentsia and Intellectuals (Historiography, Sociphilosophical and General Theoretical Aspects)
AUTHORS: Yudin K. , Bandurin M.
ABSTRACT: The present article constitutes a historical, historiographical and socio-philosophical research, which is focused on the important and actual theoretical problem connected with origins and essential traits of the social group, which consists of the man of peculiar type called intelligentsia or intellectuals because of their intellectual, creative and other extraordinary abilities. Adhering to conservative stance the authors have attempted to clarify these common definitions, to reveal their notional constituents and on these grounds to make a substantial distinction avoiding multiple connotations connected with ideological tendentiousness of evaluations. For this purpose the article analyses the wide range of scientific and publicistic papers which recorded a dynamics of habitual and worldview references of the representatives of Russian and European intellectual community.
KEYWORDS: intelligentsia , intellectuals , historiography , relativism , historicism , individualism , challenge of time , discursivity , intellectual activity , spirituality , truth , cognition