ARTICLE TITLE: Intrigue of the "End of History" (Reflection on the Book by A. Katsura, I. Mazur, A. Chumakov. Planetary Humankind. On the Edge of Abyss. Moscow: Prospect, 2016)
AUTHORS: Nazaretyan A.
ABSTRACT: A series of independent calculations undertaken lately in various countries have shown that an unprecedentedly significant phase transition in the Earth’s history may occur about the mid 21st century. Its attractors and scenarios are being discussed in multiple papers both in Russia and abroad; in 2016, the first popular book on the subject has appeared. The article critically discusses the thesis and conclusions of the new book and the author’s own view on some of the matters under discussion is argued.
KEYWORDS: global forecasting , Snooks – Panov’s vertical , techno-humanitarian balance , cosmos , Fermi paradox