ARTICLE TITLE: The Romanov's Empire World War Test (Turning over the Pages of Special Journals of Council of Ministers)
AUTHORS: Zhavoronkov S. , Yanovskiy K.
ABSTRACT: Both, Democracy and Authoritarian Rule cause the costs and have their own "Price". The disadvantages of the regime turned to be the most obvious under external shocks. Some Russian Government's policies and actions during World War I could remind to observer subsequent Bolshevik's Government policies. These policies and actions played crucial role in the Empire destabilization and overcame sizeable margin of safety of the Regime. Comparative Analysis of failures of Governments of Russia, Germany and USA during the wars shows higher flexibility and sustainability of the Democracy.Tough and determined enforcement of "Dry Law", pogroms and oppression of ethnic Germans, The Grain market destruction by growing pressure of government regulations caused disastrous consequences. Russian civic society turned to be immature to mitigate the risks caused by Government policies. Russian 1914–1917 experience brought the evidence, that attempts to adopt political enemies' agenda are pretty dangerous. Socialist policies adaptation by Empire turned to moral and, then, political victory of Bolsheviks.
KEYWORDS: political regime sustainability , "Dry Law" , Lost Revenues , Pogroms , Foreign experience , Special Journals of the Council of ministers