ARTICLE TITLE: Historical Memory as a Source of Knowledge about the Specifics of the Russian Civilization
AUTHORS: Zarubina N.
ABSTRACT: It is identified the relation of "civilization" and "humanistic" turns in sociology and it is explained the necessity to problematize the content of everyday views on civilizational specifics of Russia. On the basis of modern theoretical innovations in the civilizational approach it is shown that one of the promising areas of research is to appeal to the historical memory of the Russians. It is proved that the memory of the Soviet period of Russian history as a special stage of the modernization and reform of the post-Soviet 1990-ies contains contradictory assessments of the events which reflect alternative manifestations of basic civilizational values of justice and solidarity.
KEYWORDS: civilization turn , humanist turn , Russian civilizational specifics , social time , long term cycle , historical memory , modernization