ARTICLE TITLE: How to Fight Youth Radicalism in the North Caucasus?
AUTHORS: Starodubrovskaya I.
ABSTRACT: The paper analyzes the possibilities of resistance to Islamic radicalization of youth in the North Caucasus. The outcome of the extensive field work is that adherence of youth to Islamic fundamentalism is not the result of external influence; it is generated by internal social structure of society in the process of social modernization. But the real danger is not the Islamic fundamentalism per se, which by itself is very heterogeneous, but it’s most aggressive political version – jihadism. The state can’t by the policy of support for traditional Islam eradicate the attractiveness of fundamentalist views, but it can actively influence the choice of the youth between more moderate and more radical versions of Islamic fundamentalism. The change of state policy in this area should be oriented for this very purpose.
KEYWORDS: Islamic fundamentalism , Islamism , jihadism , anomie , generation conflict , vicious circle of violence